Innovative ICT in Education at Loughborough University

On the 11th June I presented to PE PGCE students at Loughborough University on the use of innovative technology in education – and more specifically within PE.

MrWickensPE Hand

The aim of the session was to share innovative ICT practice from across the world with a motivated and inspired group of trainee teachers. The session was worth while, with loads of questions asked throughout – and more importantly – students left the session with more questions than answers.

There is no magical formula for the use of ICT in education, and each teacher/school/student will interact with the technology in a number of different ways. Therefore, the session was used to highlight what good practice is already out there, what has worked with other teachers and to give an opportunity for the trainee teachers to reflect on how they can use innovative practices within their own classroom.

Please download this document that highlights, in much more detail, the topics of the session.

Below is a copy of the PowerPoint used during the session. Please use this content as you see fit.

Click here to download the PowerPoint from the session

To accompany the session, I have shared a dropbox folder with a number of resources to facilitate the use of ICT in education. You can access this folder here. Find out more information on the #PEGeeks dropbox folders here.

The Apps
A number of applications (Apps) were shared. These are the Apps that I feel can have the most impact on a students’ learning within Physical Education.

  • The use of video analysis through Coach’s Eye or Ubersense (see previous post)
  • EasyTag to analyse performances/progress
  • The use of iMuscle in GCSE/BTEC/A-Level or fitness classes (see previous post)
  • TimeMotion and Virtual Heart – one of the students made an excellent point about using TimeMotion for lesson observations to reflect on student participation levels
  • CoachNote and/or CoachPad (see previous post)
  • Fit Freeway app for use with treadmills and rowing machines (see previous post)
  • Vital Signs and Cardiograph to measure heart rate and breathing rate through the hand held devices camera
  • The use of interactive whiteboard apps such as Explain Everything and Educreations. How they can be used within the classroom and their role in making content accessible outside of the classroom – including the Flipped Classroom approach (see previous post)
  • The use of Comic Life to create resources
  • AudioBoo and its uses within examination courses
  • And the future use of Augmented Reality through the Aurasma App.

It is important that teachers have the knowledge of how these apps can be used within the classroom to ensure it has an impact on learning. Individual teachers/students/schools with use the apps in a variety of ways, I highlighted two ways in which a single iPad can be used within the PE environment.

How to Use the iPad

The picture above highlights the two approaches.

Blue – students work in pairs or individually to assess peers (using whatever App) and provide feedback after 5 minutes. The iPad is then moved onto the pair that just received the feedback to do the same for the next group in line. This continues until all students have used the iPad to assess performance.

Yellow – the yellow diagram shows how non-participants can use the iPad to assess students whilst they are performance. A post I had written over a year ago explain how you can use ‘Sports Scientists’ within your PE lesson that is very similar to this approach.

Web 2.0
This part of the lecture covered the use of interactive websites. This is explain in previous blog posts and presentations

International PE TeachMeet 

Innovative ICT in Education: Web 2.0

QR Codes
Introduced the use of QR Codes and the variety of uses within education. Use websites like and to generate your QR Codes.

Here is my blog post about the QR Code quiz that I organised last year.

You can download the presentation from here

Twitter for CPD
If it wasn’t for Twitter and my PLN (personal learning network) that I have developed over 2 years, then I would not be sharing this ‘know-how’ and expertise with you all. I highlighly recommend getting involved.

This blog post gives you some support in setting up a twitter account.

Further Reading
For more information on iPads and innovative technology in education, read the publications below.

NAACE (2012) The iPad as a tool for education 

Burden et al. (2012) The Scotland iPad Evaluation

and Dr Ashley Casey (@DrAshCasey) and Ben Jones (@benpaddlejones) on the use of ICT to enhance student engagement

Remember that you should not be driven by apps – start with what you want to teach and feed apps into your lesson if it will enhance the learning experience.

Please comment below on the blog post and the session if you were present.


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  1. Duane Nelson says:

    My name is Duane Nelson and I’m a student n EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I have really enjoyed your blog post and I was impressed on how you are showing future teachers like myself to apply apps into educational atmosphere. Thank you and I look forward to reading more post from you in the future.

    Duane Nelson EDM 310 Blog

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