The Collaborated Dropbox

Back in June I blogged about the collaboration between Physical Education educators world wide in the #PEBible and #GCSEPE Dropbox folders (#PEBible to #GCSEPE). In essence, teachers, researchers and coaches are sharing hundred of resources and lesson plans to share good practice and pedagogy with like minded individuals.

Since that post, a number of other shared Dropbox folders have been created that I am finding invaluable to support my teaching.

SOLO Taxonomy Network
Created by David Fawcett (@davidfawcett27) to share all things SOLO taxonomy related. It is organised into subject specific folders, from PSHE to Maths so that the user can easily find resources related to their specific subject. However do not be single minded and only use resources from your subject specific folder, you will find that all the good practice and resources are highly adaptable.

SOLO Taxonomy Network


Created by @TGfUEducation, this folder shares resources and academic research to support the teaching of TGfU.


A Level PE Bible
Created by Kevin Jones and the staff at Etone College (@EtonePEProfDev) to share A Level PE resources from all exam boards.

A Level PE Bible

Literacy in PE
Created by David Fawcett (@davidfawcett27); this folder has been created in conjunction with a Google Document to share ideas and good practice of developing literacy in PE.

Literacy in PE

Set up by @MrBpeteacher for PE teachers around the world to share resources. Similar to the PEBible in that it is a must have for any PE teacher/coach.


This will not be the ‘be all to end all’ list of the shared Dropbox folders out there, they are the folders that I regularly contribute to and use. However, hopefully it will inspire you to collaborate with other educators through Dropbox to share all our good practice on show every day around the world.

I would encourage you to contribute to these folders as well as use resources. No matter how small, someone will be inspired by your work/ideas.


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  1. Ben says:

    A Great resource. How do you access these Dropbox resources. Is there a way to get an RSS feed. Or do you just need to search when you require a resource? Keep up your great work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      Hi Ben. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

      If you contact the owner of each folder (names above) they can add you so that each folder appears within your Dropbox account.

      You are unable to get an RSS feed (as far as I am aware) and the amount of files that are updated daily would cause an endless list anyway. However, you are able to synchronise your Dropbox account with your laptop/PC; enabling you to search through the files as you normally would your own documents – when online and offline.


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