Apps in the Classroom: Coach’s Eye

Yes the ‘Apps in the Classroom’ series is back after a long break!

One App I regularly use in my classroom is the Coach’s Eye App (@coachseye) from TechSmith – I have previously blogged about the use of the App (‘Student Sports Scientists‘) in the classroom.

Coach’s Eye provides and excellent, portable video analysis tool for students to use within the classroom.

Video analysis software has been available in schools for at least 10 years, but the portability and user-friendly interface pushes me towards the use of mobile device software.

As previously mentioned (‘Student Sports Scientists‘), the use of the Apps in my own classroom has allowed students to evaluate each others performances using video feedback. As any athlete or sportsmans would know, being able to receive verbal feedback is useful, however, the use of video analysis to provide video feedback is hugely beneficial to reflect.

The videos that have been created can be a useful plenary or starter for the next lesson to remind students of the outcomes and will allow them to reflect on that outcome.

Coach’s Eye have been extremely helpful and shared a number of example videos via their website – Coach’s Eye Examples.

Some of the key features of the App:

  • Record new videos within the App
  • Upload previous videos from your Camera Roll
  • Video annotation – drawing tools
  • Voice recording whilst annotating the video
  • SlowMo
  • Easy navigation through the video using a ‘wheel’ – frame by frame
  • Ability to share over the internet

As a PE teacher I strongly recommend using this App; it is available on all devices with a small cost.

Others use the Ubersense App, and whilst I certainly recommend this App too, I have found that Coach’s Eye is better suited to KS3 (11-14) and Ubersense for KS4/5 (14-18).

What are your experiences of using video analysis in school? Does the portable software (Coach’s Eye and Ubersense) have many benefits that more traditional PC/Laptop based software cannot meet?


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