After a great 3 years working in a school, I am finally going to be starting my PGCE at Loughborough University in September. Despite being slightly nervous, I am heading back to University full of confidence in my own ability to teach. Why? Well the opportunities I had over the last 3 years, from teaching PE and Geography to a Head of House role and DofE Coordinator has prepared me for the teaching profession.

Anyone wanting to get into teaching – I strongly recommend that you work in a school before you start your PGCE. Too many of my friends who went straight into Teacher Training after graduating and are no longer in the teaching profession as they were not fully prepared or ‘in the know’ about being a teacher.

Twitter has also taught me so much about teaching and being a teacher; actually more specifically, the other educators on Twitter have inspired me! I know that over the next 11 months of my PGCE, it will be you, the Twitter community that will provide me with that extra support and guidance, and I thank you!

I will continue to blog good practice via this blog as I have done in the past, but I will also be keeping you up to date on the highs and lows of my PGCE.


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  1. Stacy Smith says:

    Mr. Wickens, I can identify with you on so many levels. I am returning to college, after almost 20 years, to get me teaching degree. Things have changed so much. Technology has changed so much. It makes me nervous and excited at the same time.

    My EDM 310 class is trying to make me computer literate, so that I can be successful in my future classroom. I feel up to the challenge, because I want to provide my students with the best education that I can. This class has really opened my eyes to the importance of technology.

    My biggest regret, is not knowing what I wanted to do 20 years ago, when I finished high school. It was while I was substitute teaching that I realized I wanted to become a teacher. I commend you for your decision to continue with your education. Keep believing in yourself, because you can do it.

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