The Gmail Trick

To start, what is Gmail? Gmail is a free email service provided by Google to competes with other online email services like Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo etc.

This is not a huge secret these days, but the ‘Google Mail’ and a little trick up it’s sleeve; it has a great tool to allow multiple accounts on one host with the ‘same’ email address (e.g. multiple accounts on Twitter).

It is a great tool to use in school with students. Today educators are using the thousands of online resources to engage students and improve their school experience. To prevent students having to sign up to multiple websites with their own personal email address (that I am sure parents will not be happy with) or through their school accounts, you can adapt your own Gmail email address so that students can use your account.

So, how is this done?

Example 1:
Example 2:

Example 1
With the Gmail trick you can add anything to your email address proceeding a ‘+’ sign (e.g. Personally I would use this ‘trick’ to sign students up to third party websites by including the students name in the email address.


Example 2
You can also add a ‘dot’ within the original  email address (e.g. This allows you the account user to hold multiple accounts with the same host address. I do this with my two Twitter accounts – @MrWickensPE and @PEWickens


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