#PEBible to #GCSEPE

What a great idea, a bible for PE resources shared by a number of PE teachers around the globe. This shared folder is on the ever popular online ‘cloud’ called Dropbox.

I wish I could claim responsibility for this, but it was created by Peter Gamble (@coachpvg) in early 2012.

Now I have joined #PEBible, I have access to hundreds of resources that have been developed, tried and tested by other PE teachers globally. Not all resources will be for you and I would recommend you always adapt the file you will use to your style, but it is a great base to develop a resource from. A group of 74 educators collaborating and sharing within a rich resource!

From this idea, Mark Kerr (@eezipezi) started the Dropbox GCSE PE folder. With 40 educators now sharing resources across all PE exam boards (Edexcel, AQA and OCR).

Give it a go: Collaboration is changing education!


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  1. Phil Beaumont @ MrBeaumontPE says:

    Hi Please excuse ignorance, How do I join these folders to become involved. This is a great idea and something I am very keen to use. I am in process of trying to use Dropbox for Pe at school

  2. mrwickenspe says:

    Hi Phil, thank you for your comment.

    Contact the organisers of the folder (named above) and provide them with your Dropbox email address it will then synchronise with your own Dropbox folder.

    Check out other Dropbox folders in my blog post here: https://mrwickenspe.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/the-collaborated-dropbox/ for TGfU, SOLO taxonomy and A-level resources.

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