Our School Olympics 2012

Just in case you have missed it, London will be hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in August. One of the promises of from Lord Seb Coe was to increase sporting participation within schools across the country and many schools are taking this opportunity to engage students in the Olympics and sport in general. At my current school, we have jumped at this opportunity and are hosting our own ‘School Olympics’.

We are not holding back on our Olympics day, we are hosting two Olympic days; each day involving 500-600 students and 50+ members of staff. The first, on Tuesday 17th July will host all year 7’s and 8’s, with Year 9’s and 10’s competing on Wednesday 18th July. I wanted to blog about our planned events for you to take ideas in the hope that they too will stage a large Olympic inspired day(s).

The Events
To cater for all students needs and interests, we have developed a system that allows students to opt the events they would like to compete in on the day. The day shall be split into two, with half the students participating in Zone A in the morning and Zone B in the afternoon, and vice versa. Below is a list of the events we are putting on in both Zone A & B (all events are mixed unless otherwise stated).

Zone A
Old School Sports Day (Athletics)
Football (boys/girls)
Football (girls)
Swimming (Synchronised, Water Polo or Gala)
Mental Games (Chess, Connect 4, Wii Consoles etc)
Dance Mats
Performing Arts (Music/Art)

Zone B
Mental Games (Chess, Connect 4, Wii Consoles etc)
Table Tennis
Performing Arts (Music/Art)

In addition to these, some students will be able to opt for all day events. These will consist of:

  • Sports Leaders – helping members of staff run events, in some cases, lead events themselves.
  • Sports Reporters – Video recorders, Photographers, Reporters, Bloggers, Social Media, Interviewers to record the day.

Students will opt 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th preference choices for the ‘zones’ and we will try to ensure students are given their 1st choice, but this is dependent on ensuring all events have the ‘optimum’ level of participants per House. Students will be receiving a copy of the Options form in registration immediately following the House Assemblies.

House Assemblies
Students will be competing in the ‘School Olympics’ by representing their House in a number of events. Therefore it is crucial that the philosophy and plans are shared during house assemblies. A score board will be kept and updated throughout the day and a trophy shall be presented to the winning House.

Tutor Time/Registration
Immediately following the House Assemblies, student will opt for the events they want to compete in on the day.

In the lead up to the ‘School Olympics’ (throughout term 6), students will be enthused, motivated and develop their knowledge & understanding of the Olympics through our 25 minute P4S time (AM registration time). By embedding the Olympic values during form times it would help students build towards these celebratory days. Each tutor group will be attached to a Nation competing in the 2012 London Olympics. The aim is for each country/form to create banners, flags, posters, research their country, etc etc – can be as big or as small as tutors wish – based on the themes/values of their Country. On Monday 16th July (the day before the first day) 2 representatives from each form will showcase their tutor groups work which will be on display during the Olympic days – prizes for top form contributions. In addition to this forms are offered the opportunity to run a fete style stall during the lunchtime on the day where they can either promote the country they have been working on through selling goods relevant to this country/ foods etc or it can be a stall of any description with the proceeds being fed back into the rewards for students. (Ideas: cake sale, sweet shop, guess the name of the teddy, buzz wire, beat the keeper, face painting etc).

The School Olympics
A lot of organisation and preparation would have built up to this day. If the weather holds off and the students are fully engaged in the day itself then it shall be deemed a huge success. We will be developing a wet weather plan ‘just in case’.

I personally am very excited for these Olympic days and when we pitch it to the students I am pretty sure that there will be a buzz around school.

I would appreciate it if you have feedback on our Olympic days for us to work on and I will be happy to share any more information with any one who may be interested.


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