My First SOLO Inspired Lesson

I jumped on the bangwagon, the SOLO taxonomy bandwagon.

There has been a lot of chat recently on the use of SOLO in education and many teachers on Twitter are using it to shape their students learning. The excitement generated captivated me and I spent some of my weekend sat in the sun researching on the use of SOLO in the classroom and in practical PE. I found a lot of help and advice published by some great blogger’s (see below) on the use of SOLO in the classroom, but a lack of evidence of it’s use in PE. Therefore, I decided that today I will try out SOLO with my Year 8 Geography class as we come to the end of the Coasts unit.

Here are some of the blog’s that provided me with a great insight into the use of SOLO.

  1. @LearningSpy‘s blog.
  2. @aknill‘s blog.
  3. @totallywired77‘s blog.

On Monday evening I also came across some great blog’s on the use of SOLO in practical PE. Although this lesson was a Geography lesson there is some great ideas published through these blogs.

  1. @DVPLearning‘s blog.
  2. @EV_Sport‘s blog.

So, back to the lesson. I introduced students to SOLO and explained what each stage meant to THEM! I felt that this was important, especially being a Year 8 group, I did not want them to be treading out of their depth ‘just because I wanted to’ try out SOLO.’

I explained that they will be using the hexagons (below) to share ‘several ideas about’ and to develop a ‘link’ between each idea. They were tasked to review their exercise books, textbooks and class displays to develop their ideas and knowledge of coasts.

The hexagons above were photocopied on A3 that provided students with enough space to extend their answers into long sentences. To ensure students weren’t just ‘working from a canvas’ they cut the sheet into individual hexagon and developed their SOLO learning. Below are some examples of their work during the lesson.

As an extension task, students would travel around the room to question other students on why they have linked two or more ideas together. This encouraged students to justify their choices and provided others to challenge them on their choices.

On reflection, I would be using this lesson structure/activity again, but with a few tweaks. Encouraging peer evaluation and feedback throughout the lesson (not just at the end) would raise the level of attainment across the class. I highlight this as I noticed a gap in the quality of work in pockets around the room, with some students (although with the ability to) failed to challenge themselves to the best of their ability. I feel that this could be rectified through peer accountability to share ideas.

My next challenge, SOLO in practical PE!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia says:

    I have been using solo in my classroom for some time. I have written some units on breaking down solo in invasion games. I am happy to share

  2. Julia says:

    I have been using solo for some time in pe. Happy to share a unit broken down into solo.

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      Hi Julia, thanks for the comment. That would be great if you would share. How have you found it using SOLO in PE?

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