Apps in Education

An App (Application) is a program/software designed to run on a smartphone and/or tablet computers. There are now thousands of Apps in the Apple AppStore, Google’s Google Play and Blackberry’s App World designed for multiple purposes. Apps use the technology in handheld devices such as the camera, GPS technology, 3G and Wireless connectivity and accelerometer.

Hundreds of Apps have been either specifically designed for education or adopted by teachers for use in the classroom. Below is a shortlist of Apps that educators have recommended to use in the classroom (specifically directed for Apple products, but usually available on all platforms). I have managed to either practically make use of all of the Apps below or have made plans to use in the near future.

Standard Apps
Youtube                                           Safari                                     iTunes
Camera                                             Voice Memos                     Calculator
Compass                                           Google                                  iBooks

General Use
Google                                               Translate                               Dictionary

Social Media
Facebook                                         Twitter                                  Skype
Wordpress                                       Blogger                                 Zite

Interactive Classroom
Explain Everything                      Educreations                       QR Code Scan
Qik Video                                         Voice Thread                       Fotobabble
Socrative                                          inDecision

Evernote                                           Dropbox                               SimpleMInd
Flashcardlet                                     iBrainstorm

Pocket Pond                                    Dictation                              ShowMe
Songify                                              Storify                                   Spelling Hero
Seek ‘n Spell

MathsRev                                         Maths Higher                      iMathmatics

Globe                                                 Quakes                                  iGeology
Google Earth                                   Cultures                              World Atlas

Excelade                                            Coach’s Eye                          sprintTimer
speedClock                                       Fitness Tests                        Bleep Test
Step Test                                           12 Minute Run                     Ab Workouts
RipDeck                                             MusicWorkout                    iMuscle
Skeleton Pro III                             Virtual Heart                       First Aid
TimeMotion                                     RunKeeper                           Endomondo
SportsRules                                      SportLogik                           Heart Rate
Cardiograph                                     CoachPad                             CoachNote

Twitter                                              TED Talks

This is not a definitive list, and maybe slightly bias to the Apps that I use, but these apps can, and have made a huge difference in education.

Some educators have now started to develop Apps to target their own courses/ subjects. A person already mentioned, Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo) from Australia, started developing Apps for his subject – PE. He started developing Apps using websites like to created course specific content before developing Apps for general use in PE. Check out his website with a full list of Apps he has developed –

Apps are simple to create, and can have a positive influence on young people’s education. I have started to develop Apps myself, starting with the DofE WebApp – – WebApps are simple to create and are FREE!

Keep checking back to my blog for specific App reviews and uses in the classroom.


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  1. syded says:

    Cracking post again Ross. Keep going with the app development as there is real potential in what you are doing it seems.

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