Apps in Education

An App (Application) is a program/software designed to run on a smartphone and/or tablet computers. There are now thousands of Apps in the Apple AppStore, Google’s Google Play and Blackberry’s App World designed for multiple purposes. Apps use the technology in handheld devices such as the camera, GPS technology, 3G and Wireless connectivity and accelerometer….

Blogging in the Classroom

Technology is constantly evolving and schools are struggling to keep up with new I.C.T developments; and the cost of new I.C.T equipment is one of the reasons for this. Nevertheless the internet has unlocked hundreds of avenues for schools to pursue; from Social Media and email to an endless source for resources and shared ideas….

Blogging for CPD

The boundary between home and school are blurred and learning does not stop at the end of the school day. Learning happens everywhere, not just at the termly teacher training day. Traditional modes of education and professional development have been destined to evolve into the 21st Century for years, and now with the World Wide…