Twitter – a CPD Revolution?

Twitter – a CPD Revolution?

There is a CPD revolution happening and you may not even know about it. To surprise you even further, it is on the Social Networking site Twitter.

Every day, of every week, of every year teachers and other educators are online sharing their own tried and tested good practice with other teachers/educators. This FREE source of CPD has revolutionised how teachers operate in the classroom; from introducing them to a range of starter and plenary activities, to help answer behaviour management questions, to sharing how new technologies, such as Apps, are used in the education. The best part – no more embarrassing questions with your work colleagues, you can have all your weird and wonderful questions answered through Twitter. Gone are the days of Twitter being perceived as the ‘hourly biography’, today is the day of Twitter as a tool for CPD. Collaboration, teamwork and peer support are all offspring of effective use of Social Media.

I will not spend pages and pages explaining how Twitter can benefit YOU as a teacher. What I will do though is share some examples of how Twitter can be used for CPD and the ‘Creative Education Guide to Twitter for Teachers’.

Creative Education’s ‘Top 10 Reasons why Teachers should give Twitter a go’

  1. There’s a fantastic exchange of ideas
  2. It breaks down social barriers
  3. You can find the information you need fast
  4. You can get input from all over the globe
  5. It keeps you up to date
  6. You can ask all those silly questions
  7. It keeps you motivated
  8. You can take part in free CPD
  9. It’ll open doors
  10. You’ll have thousands of mentors


Hundreds of educators join in a Twitter ‘chat’ every Thursday night (8pm – 9pm). Why? To have a stimulating chat about all things education in the UK – and it is called, #ukedchat. A few fellow teachers have written Blog posts about how effective #ukedchat can be, what impact it can on you as a teacher – just the all round benefit of having such a stimulating conversation.

Ian Addison (@ianaddison) has written a blog post about the whole #ukedchat process.

Ian Guest (@ianinsheffield) gives a fantastic insight from the perspective of a normal working teacher through his blog.

Subject Specific Twitter #Hashtags

Hashtags are used in Twitter to search for tweets in a specific category, for example #ukedchat. As well as searching for tweets, you can also tag your own tweets to make sure you are talking to an audience of a similar interest to you; without them even following you. Any word can be tagged to a hashtag, so below there is a list of popular Twitter hashtags used by educators.

UK Education. Most UK teachers tweet to this hashtag, a rich source of information.

Tweets relating to the use of technology in education.

The use of hand held devices in education.

Effective use of technology in the classroom.

Tips on teaching gifted & talented students.






Physical Education

Religious Education



Economics and Business Studies

Special Educational Needs

And many, many more!!


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