CoachNote: Animate Your PE Lessons

I have always been looking for a way to animate activities so that students can work independently and use their handheld devices to develop their understanding. Also, by animating activities, students are able to grasp the activity without a time consuming and/or boring demonstration. I have found the use of handheld devices in lesson to be an excellent tool to engage students across all ages – in fact, I have never had any problems of students taking advantage of having their phones/devices in lesson when they are actively using them.

So onto CoachNote, this answered all my prayers to animate my activities, upload of YouTube and link to QR Codes for only £1.49. The app offers you a variety of templates from Football (Soccer) to Billiards that you are able to freely animate.

Please watch the video below for a quick demonstration

CoachNote Video Demonstration



From the main menu (above) you are able to view your previously saved ‘My Notes’ and select a ‘New Note’ with over 10 templates to choose from. Once you select a template, you are able to add up to 14 different coloured player tabs, a range of sports equipment and 5 different coloured cones. I have found the default size of these objects to be too big, but you can easily change the size from the objects tab menu.

The app developer boasts a number of features (below).

– We support various sports (american football, arena football, badminton, baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling, indoor cricket, outdoor cricket, curling, footbolleyball,futsal, handball, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse, netball, ringette, roller hockey, field hockey, rugby,rugby union, soccet, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball,water polo and we are adding more sports that customer wants)
– Beautiful and Pragmatic Design
– Record your video and voice to share with others
– Animate your plays
– Colored lines, dashed lines, arrow lines, arrow dashed lines
– Automatically move your ball with a player
– Trace moving players and ball
– Focus on player
– Set direction of players
– Half court and Full court mode
– Clean the lines or players on the board
– Change player number or letters
– Easy to switch each player
– More than one or multiple notes pages
– Formation preset save and load
– Save and load all features
– Display your tactics on a TV/Projector with VGA Output (VGA Dock Connector required)

Once you have recorded a video, it is automatically saved to your devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) camera roll. From here you are able to share the video via email or upload directly to YouTube. The app also has this feature, but it is still in development for the next update so therefore unavailable at the moment. However, due to the size, I have found it challenging to use on iPhone; I recommend it on the iPad.

I aim to link my resources to these via a QR Code so that students can work independently throughout the lesson on differentiated activities. This then free’s up my time to ensure students are performing the ‘skills’ correctly and not having to worry too much on the activity.

When I have shown students the animated videos they have understood the activity almost immediately and are able to organise themselves to ‘get to work’.

How do you see yourself using the app and features?


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  1. benpimentel says:

    Cool app. Thanks for sharing.

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