QR Code Quiz

All this week we have been running a House Event – a QR Code Quiz.

All across the school site we placed QR Codes that were linked to a question they needed to answer. The answer sheet also had a clue as to where that questions QR Code was. Here is example of the QR Codes we created.


We related the questions to the location of the QR Code. For example, the QR Code in the Geography Department was Geographically related.

After running the event for the whole week the interest from students across all ages has been fantastic. They have all wanted to take part in the quiz to either get shares, or to just use their phones in school.

Reflecting back on the quiz, it can be called a success: we engaged 100’s of pupils. Also, now the students have downloaded the apps and have the ‘know how’ it will be easier to run again.

Even better, it has influenced and encouraged teachers to use the technology in their lessons now they have seen the impact it has.


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  1. Ben Leonard says:

    What questions did you ask? Do you have a copy of them?

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      This quiz was just a general knowledge quiz, but can email you the questions?

  2. elegg says:

    Do you usually allow pupils to bring their mobile phones to school? or was this a special event where they were allowed to?


    1. mrwickenspe says:

      They are allowed to bring their phones in but not allowed to be used in lessons. This has been relaxed over the last year as some teachers begin to take advantage of them and use in lessons.

      The best part of this is now more teachers want to use phones in lessons. One step closer in my mission to have the school purchase some hand held devices.

  3. elegg says:

    Thanks for this. Do you feel the pupils now take advantage with this and the school deals with more incidents regarding mobile phones? I am piloting an ipad in PE and after this term feel a class set for the department is the way forward. I have convinced the Assistant Head (E-Learning), next step Senior Management! Thanks for all the ideas

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      It can be a problem if not managed correctly, but this is always a problem when phones are not allowed in lesson.

      In my lessons where students know they may be using their phones I rarely have a problem. Have said to them that if they use their phones inappropriately or when they shouldn’t be I will take away that privilege.

      Obviously there is not space to use phones all the time and in every lesson, but I do try and base resources around QR Codes/watching YouTube videos individually on phones rather than one at the front of the room.

      I have been using my iPad in school since Christmas and the kids love it. Would be great to have a department class set. That is my long term dream – maybe employ me at your school 😉

  4. elegg says:

    Well…if we had space!

  5. staff.awake@frederickgent.derbyshire.sch.uk says:

    Would it be possible to get a copy of this quiz please? I am thinking of doing the same next week and would love to see how you have used it.

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