Recommended Reading for a (PE) Teacher

In preparation for the start of my PGCE at Loughborough University in September 2012 I have ordered a number of books from Amazon. All the books that I ordered were recommended to me by the Loughborough Teacher Education Unit and/or by peers on Twitter.

As I slowly work through these books, I certainly do not regret spending £150+ on them all. They have allowed me to precisely reflect on the quality of my lessons in PE even before I start a PGCE and to develop them to be good/outstanding lessons. A must read for all trainee PE teachers and current/experienced PE teachers – as we all know, CPD does not stop when you finish at school/university.

Below is a list of the books I have purchased from Amazon (and to be balanced, there are other websites/shops to buy these books from). To keep my blogs short, I will review each book individually over time.

Improving Teaching & Learning in Physical Education
Harvey Grout & Gareth Long

The Routledge Physical Education Reader
Richard Bailey & David Kirk

Teaching Physical Education 11-18
Tony Macfadyen & Richard Bailey

Issues in Physical Education
Susan Capel & Susan Piotrowski

Physical Education: Essential Issues
Ken Green & Ken Hardman

Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School
Susan Capel & Margaret Whitehead

Spark: How Exercise will Improve the Performance of Your Brain
Dr John J. Ratey & Eric Hagerman

Visible Learning for Teacher: Maximizing Impact on Learning
John Hattie

How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching
Sue Cowley

Pimp Your Lesson! Prepare, Innovate, Motivate and Perfect
Isabella Wallace & Leah Kirkman

The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook: How Your Students Learn More When You Teach Less
Jim Smith

Youth Development and Physical Activity: Linking Universities and Communities
Don Hellison & Nick Cutforth

It’s Now Possible – Emerging Technologies & Physical Education 
Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo), eBook

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School
John Medina

High Performers: The Secrets of Successful Schools
Alistair Smith

Now obviously this is not a definitive list of books that teacher should read, nor is it a list of must read books. But I would recommend reading every single one of these! If you have read a book that you recommend people to read, please comment below.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Grout & Long book is very good, Gareth Long is a lecturer at my university. The book contains a variety of lectures from UCP Marjon, I have read this book and used it throughout the whole of my teacher training, practically a bible for Trainee PE Teachers!

  2. mrrobbo says:

    Brain Rules by Dr John Medina. It is an absolute must and came for me in the form of an audio book.

    EXERCISE | Rule #1: Exercise boosts brain power.

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      Thanks Jarrod. Will add to the list.

  3. shane pill says:

    Should also consider the Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

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