Apps in the classroom: MusicWorkout

Now, this blog post is a bit premature as @mrrobbo is still to release the app in the AppStore. However, a number of #pegeeks have had the opportunity to trial out the app before its general release.


The app is an ‘interval timer that utilises your iPod music to inform you when its time to rest and time to work’ through either pausing your music during the rest period, quieter music during the rest perioid or sound a bell at the beginning. The user can set the rest and work duration as well as the number of sets.


I have recently used this during a fitness test circuit with a Yr9 group. Giving that @mrrobbo is still ironing out bugs, I can honestly say that I have had no problems at all with this app.

I personally found that pausing the music during the rest periods was more effective in a large sports hall due to the acoustics. I found that some students missed the ‘beep’ or do not recognise the change in volume due to the noise in the hall. These other settings are a perfect option when working in smaller rooms/groups or as an individual – who would want their favourite song pausing just when it is getting good.

A fantastic feature of the app is the ability to select a specific playlist/artist/album for your workout. It certainly saves that embarrassing 90’s song blaring out to all your pupils – a Mr Wickens top tip, create an up to date playlist with great songs to workout to. Maybe an idea for a future blog post.

I would certainly recommend purchasing this app on its release, perfect for all activities, whats stopping you from playing music and perfectly timing your badminton lesson? Teacher led discussion during the rests, student independent tasks during the work phase.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrrobbo says:

    thanks for the positive review and for being part of the testing team.

  2. L-J says:

    This sounds alot better than the old fashioned beep! Enjoyable especially with up to date music. Next challenge is to find music that suits a class of 20s music taste….. Good Luck

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