Student ‘Sports Scientist’

As a PE teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure my pupils experience a range of roles and responsibility under the PE umbrella. Most students, parents and other teachers see this as actively participating in physical activity, but what about the other roles of umpiring/referee and the ever growing Sports Scientist profession?

I recently decided to take advantage of mobile technology and video analysis apps, such a ‘Coach’s Eye’, to include a new role within my lessons, a ‘Sports Scientist’, that will rotate around the whole class throughout the school year.

Today, alongside the introduction of the iPad app ‘Sports Rules’, two students also worked together to analyse the performance of students throughout the lesson and the feedback to them using the Coach’s Eye iPhone app.

After recording a specifically selected skill (dribbling, shooting, passing etc) it is there job to use the apps analysis software to provide some positive and constructive feedback to their peers.

Here is an example of an analysis video that Joel and Yannick had created during the lesson.

It was then the responsibility of Joel and Yannick to feedback this to the students they reviewed and to ensure that they have made progress in developing their technique – just like a Sports Scientist at a professional club.

The students were really engaged in the activity, I hope to implement this across all my teaching groups over the next few weeks. My only problem, how to keep the Sports Scientists on cold/wet days outside where the use of the iPhone may not be possible? Any ideas welcome…


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  1. Hey Ben, just wondering if you had any kind of assessment criteria for the students to refer to while analyzing and providing feedback. I love the idea of involving students in endeavors such as this and try to do so often in my classes. I have yet to use Ipad to do so, but am keen to try it out. However, I think that providing assessment criteria ahead of time is important. Also, are you assessing them on their understanding of technique based on the feedback they give or is it purely for the student whose skills are being analyzed?

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      Hi, this was the first time I have introduced it in a lesson. The role will evolve over time to include an assessment criteria but for that lesson I used the role of student sports scientist to observe, analyse and provide feedback to peers. The sports scientists had access to the same peer assessment resources as the performers, but nothing specific for them.

      I am a strong believer in developing students leadership skills as well as refining performance, this is another take on the leadership role students can experience.

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