Apps in the classroom: iMuscle

iMuscle is a fantastic app to challenge pupils of all abilities. I have recently used it with my higher ability year 9 PE group during the fitness unit as a reference to the scientific names of the major muscles.

As a starter activity, the students had to work in small groups to name at least 11 major muscles in the human body then to plan a specific warm up for at least 3 of those muscles.


They used the app to extend their knowledge of specific muscles and what exercises stretches are aimed at working these muscles.


After selecting the target area of the body (example: arm) then select a specific muscle by touching a pin. From this, the students are able to research into primary/secondary exercises as well as viewing specific stretches in an animated 3D clip.

Primary Exercises


Secondary Exercises


Muscle Specific Stretches


I was originally concerned that my students will struggle to distinguish between the huge number of muscles that are referenced in the app. However, the students collaborated and effectively selected the major muscles from the huge information bank.

They also used the app to help them discover exactly the position of a muscle on themselves and their peers and to research an appropriate warm up, work out and cool down directed towards that muscle/area of the body. This was mainly due to the 3D body image the app is based on that students can explore in as much/little detail as they deem necessary.

I would not hesitate in using iMuscle again in my fitness lessons as a tool for students to research the muscles of the body independently or with their peers.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mrrobbo says:

    A brilliant app that works wonderfully when paired up with a projector or Apple TV. Wish I had it when I was at UNi

  2. elegg says:

    How do you connect your ipad to a projector or interactive whiteboard?

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