Apps in the classroom: Seek ‘n Spell

In my experience I have found SEN education to be a sedentary experience confined to a small classroom/PC in the corner of a school. Being a PE teacher I am always looking to create lessons that are active and engaging for everyone.

In my current job, I am working 1-1/small groups with SEN pupils for 5 hours a week. This week I decided to experiment with a new app I downloaded to my iPhone last week: Seek ‘n Spell.

Seek ‘n Spell
Seek ‘n Spell is a game designed to combine outdoor spaces with virtual letters using your devices GPS signal. The object of the game is too actively collect the virtual letters by running around your school grounds/park. As you gather these letters, you gain points by spelling words with the letters you have just collected, in a race against time.


On average, the area covered by the game is around twice the size of an artificial surface/football field. This makes the game very convenient for schools, as a teacher you can base the game on your playing fields or, to challenge the pupils, in and around your school buildings.


Although Tom (student) was using the app on his own, he continually commented on how fun and physically/mentally challenging the game was. The great thing about this app is that you can play against the computer, or against other pupils by allowing other devices to join the game.

I aim to include more students in the game next week to create a greater feel of competition. Just imagine 20+ students running around the playing field collecting virtual letters. This game could also be linked to OAA or to create subject specific words.


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  1. Reblogged this on educationisphysical and commented:
    Sadly, from what I’ve seen on the field, your bang-on when stating that SEN education tends to be sedentary. Although some educators will make the effort to get them moving, others are content with setting them up in isolation.

    After reading your post, I downloaded the app as well and can honestly say that I can see the fun the SEN pupils could potentially have with apps like these ones, in which they’re challenged mentally, but remain physically engaged. Awesome share!

  2. benpimentel says:

    Great to hear about new idea. Does everyone playing need the app or a smart phone?

    1. mrwickenspe says:

      Hi! Thanks for you comment. Yes everyone will need a smartphone and the app downloaded.

      My plan is to have the students working in small groups so that a device will spread over a larger number of pupils.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this works in a large group – the potential is amazing!

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