The ‘Fit Freeway’ Effect

Another fantastic app recommended by @mrrobbo. Originally I was unsure as to how using this app in fitness would benefit my lessons, however after using it last week, I would not hesitate in using it again.


After setting up the iPad on the exercise bike, students were set a task in pairs to work around the fitness gym to assess each others physical adaptations to exercise – namely changes in heart rate.

Whilst students were working on the other exercise machines, both cardiac and muscular, they were measuring each others HR using the old age method of a stop watch and the radial/carotid pulse. However, once they rotated to the iPad, the introduction of technology really inspired them.


Whilst a student was exercising using the ‘Fit Freeway’ app trying to meet/beat personally set targets of lap times, their partner was recording their heart rate at various intervals using the ‘Cardiograph’ iPhone app.


Students were really inspired by the technology used throughout the lesson and made some real progress due to their excitement and engagement throughout the task.

I would recommend all physical educators use these apps no question.


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  1. mrrobbo says:

    Great use of mobile learning to develop understanding of exercise and physiological responses. Well done

  2. Used this today with some of my adapted students, some of whom are very difficult to motivate -it worked a charm!! This one’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

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